On returning visits with Dr. Scears, a one-hour reassessment will be conducted. This will include reassessment of the current status of the eating disorder and medical complications as evident by additional evaluation and physical exam. Dr. Scears will also reevaluate any prescribed medications and/or side effects, and make adjustments as necessary. Additionally, Dr. Scears will repeat ECG’s, lab work, and/or x-rays as needed.

At the end of each assessment, the patient will receive detailed explanations of Dr. Scears’ findings and a treatment plan.

Dr. Scears would always include parents/guardians of minors, and encourage their involvement in their health assessments. However, on each visit she will likely spend some time alone with the patient, to discuss issues that are private. Dr. Scears will encourage the issues that are of importance to be discussed with the parents.

Dr. Scears is also happy to involve the families, spouses and/or support systems of adult patients, if that is the expressed desire of the patient. However, she will still spend some time alone with her patients, again to discuss issues that are private.


Living Hope operates as a treatment team, and patients are encouraged also see a staff registered dietician, and counselor. These services are available at Living Hope. However, it will be up to the patient if they desire to use prior counselors and registered dieticians, or those associated with Living Hope Eating Disorder Treatment Center. As needed, Dr. Scears will coordinate with and/or refer to other medical specialists.